Upload Junior WAEC Past Questions and Answers for All Subjects 

By | April 1, 2024

Upload Junior WAEC Past Questions and Answers for All Subjects

 Upload Junior WAEC Past Questions and Answers: Get Ahead with Our Comprehensive PDF Files  – Prepare for the upcoming Junior WAEC exams by accessing our extensive collection of past questions and answers in convenient PDF files. Stay ahead of the competition with Upload’s resources!

This is how to Upload Your Junior WAEC theory and Objective Past Questions and answers in pdf ,which help you to Prepare for your forth coming exam.

Junior WAEC exam past questions and answers is also junior NECO past questions and answers. It will help you to pass all the subjects at one sitting.

We have compiled complete Junior waec past questions for you. We have also added accurate answers to help you during preparation. Very soon we will be offering free junior waec past questions as a sample. Currently, we have these previous questions for 14 subjects including junior waec English past questions, junior waec mathematics past questions and answers pdf.

Do you want to pass the JSS 3 exam? If yes, then get the jss3 NECO past questions and answers from us. We have complete Junior School Certificate Examination – JSCE past questions and answers pdf. You can download and print it. You can also use the PDF version on your computer or smartphone.

For example,

  1. Agricultural Science – 1000 naira
  2. Civic Education – 1000 naira
  3. Physical health education – 1000 naira
  4. Computer Studies – 1000 naira
  5. Social Studies – 1000 naira
  6. MUSIC – 1000 naira
  7. INTEGRATED SCIENCE – 1000 naira
  8. Mathematics – 1000 naira
  9. English Language – 1000 naira
  10. Fine Art – 1000 naira
  11. BASIC SCIENCES – 1000 naira
  12. BASIC TECHNOLOGY – 1000 naira
  13. Home economics – 1000 naira
  14. Integrated Science – 1000 naira
  15. Social Studies – 1000 naira

There’s no shortcut in scoring high in any Junior NECO examination, the fundamental secret is on your understanding of the previous questions.

Example Junior WAEC / NECO Past Questions and Answers on Mathematics


  1. What is the value of 132 – 52?
    A. 12 B. 16 C. 64 D. 144 E. 194

2. Correct 0.3748 to two significant figures.
A. 0.30 B. 0.37 C. 0.38 D. 0.39 E. 0.40

3. Find the value of x, if 6/(x-1) = 2.
A. -4 B. -2 C. 4 D. 5 E. 7

4. What is the value of x in:
x + 2y = 5
x – 2y = -1?
A. 6 B. 3 C. 2 D. -2 E. -4

5. If 5/f = 7/f 4- , what is the value of f?
A. -1 B. 1/3 C. ½ D. 1 E. 3



6. The bearing of P from Q is 270o. What is the bearing of Q from P?
A. 270o B. 180o C. 150o D. 090o E. 045o.

7. Find x if, 3/(3+5) = 5/(3+x)
A. -8 B. (-16)/3 C. 16/3 D. 8 E. 17

8. Solve the following simultaneous equations.
x = y + 1
x + 2y = 7
A. (3,0) B. (3,1) C. (3,2) D. (3,3) E. (3,4)

9. One-quarter of y is equal to one and a half. What is the value of y?
A. 12 B. 10 C. 8 D. 6 E. 2

10. Simplify 3a – (9a – 5b).
A. 6a + 5b B. 6a – 5b C. -6a – 5b
D. 5b – 6a E. 12a + 5b

How to Download Junior Exam Past Questions and Answers PDF

1. Pay the sum of N500 per subject to the account below:

Account Name: samuel essien udo
Account No: 0143878451


After Payment, send the following;

(1) Email address

(2) depositors name

(3) amount paid

To Thompson Inyang via WhatsApp 08025616449

100% guaranteed. We will send your Junior WAEC Past Questions and Answers in pdf download to your email immediately.

Below are the downloadable past questions we have gathered together for those preparing for JSCE.

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