Requirements 2023 on How to Start a JAMB CBT Centre

By | November 25, 2022

Requirements 2023 on How to Start a JAMB CBT Centre

Are you thinking about starting a Jamb CBT centre? You might care to know the requirements to register for a Jamb CBT centre. In this article, we have provided you with the basic needs and requirements to get your CBT centre accredited.It is known that for the past 3-4 years, The Jamb examination has successfully become a computer-based test across the country.

how to get your centre accredited,

If you are on the search for various questions concerning how you can go about your  request with the establishment of jamb CBT centres, requirements to register for a jamb CBT centre and how to get your centre accredited, the capital cost of owning a jamb CBT centre, the profit turn-out, and other questions related to jamb CBT centre will be answered in this post.

What is a Jamb Accredited CBT Centre?

These are centres that are authorised yearly by the Joint Admission and matriculation board (jamb) to organize and partake in the enrolment of the Jamb exam.These centres are accredited after meeting certain requirements which will be supervised by the examination body.

What are the requirements to register for a Jamb CBT Centre?

Every examination centre intending to be enrolled on the Jamb CBT centre programme is expected to have met the following eligibility criteria before they get approved by Jamb-

Applicants should note that the criteria listed below are expected of both an already existing Jamb CBT centre as well as the intending centres.

This is because there is always a review of all CBT centres every year, as some may choose to use some worn-out tools from the previous years, while others may have defied the rules set by the examination body the previous years.

The basic requirements to register for a Jamb CBT centre are:

The Infrastructural or Technical Requirements-

  1. An intending jamb CBT centre must have at least 250 error-free and functional laptops or desktop computer systems. There should also be a minimum provision of 10% of these types of machinery set aside, in case anything hinders the functionalities of anyone among the existing 250 laptops.

  2. A cubicle with the following dimensional features- not more than 18 inches high, 18 inches broad, and 26 inches long, must be made available for each student sitting for the jamb exam in an accredited CBT centre

  3. The monitor screen of a desktop computer must be at least 15 inches, and the laptop in a CBT centre should have a monitor screen of 17 inches.

However, to avoid a sudden system crash while the examination is going on, all the systems in an accredited CBT centre must be connected to a server which is adequately capable of carrying at least a minimum of 250 computer systems at go.

  1. In addition to the point made above, all the systems must be linked together with a local area network (LAN) cable. The use of a wireless connection is not always reliable, therefore not suitable for this task.

  2. A CBT centre must have 5 standby experts in technical works, and at least one networking engineer. There should also be a backup power supply source in case anything goes wrong in the middle of an operation.

  3. To be precise, this implies that to be eligible, a CBT centre is expected to have in its possession a set of 40 kva generators which is capable of powering all 250 computer systems without any shortcoming. In 350-capacity computer systems CBT centres, a 60 kva generator is required.

  4. The window version of the computer systems must be up to date and be free of viruses. It is expected of a jamb CBT centre to be equipped with computer systems that have antivirus programs installed in them. A minimum of window 7 is allowed.

  5. The jamb custom browser must be installed in every computer system in the Jamb CBT centre before the examination period.

  6. All cables must be trunked or encased, exposed wires are not allowed in the jamb examination hall.

  7. There should be CCTV cameras installed in critical areas in a CBT centre for adequate surveillance and for proper monitoring of the ongoing events in the hall. All CCTV cables must be encased though.

See jamb officials for Jamb CCTV systems requirements as well as the mounting procedures of the surveillance device.

Location / Surveillance Suitability Requirements-

  1. A jamb CBT centre must be located in an independent and accessible area, it must be properly fenced. CBT centres must not be situated in a shopping mall, market places or any shared building. To ensure the comfortability of students, the CBT centre must be well ventilated and not too damp for vision, an air conditioner must also be made available.

  2. There should be walkable roads in the room where the exams will be taken so that the students can be properly monitored for any act of examination malpractices.

  3. There should be a wall clock installed in a CBT centre to ensure timely monitoring and management by the students as they will not be allowed to wear wristwatches while writing their examinations.

  4. CBT centres are expected to be cared for not only during the examination periods but also when examinations are not in the going. The centres should be maintained the whole year.

  5. Every accredited CBT centre is expected to register at least 3 official people who will be in charge of the inspection and monitoring of the examination rooms before, during and after the test.

Rules Every CBT Centre Must Adhere to after being accredited:

Below are the rules and regulations an approved jamb CBT centre needs to ensure in other to avoid sudden disqualification-

  • Every computer system in the hall must have the jamb custom browser installed in them, not one must be excluded from this installation. To download the jamb custom sever, visit the jamb official website.
  • The examination hall must be covered properly by a signal jammer, owners of CBT centres should take note of this and ensure that halls that are found defaulters of this quality get fixed before the examination date.
  • Your centre must be in a geographical location suitable for and stable for either of the Airtel or MTN networks.
  • The enforcement of the examination code of conduct must be ensured, and this is- avoidance of irregular movements into and outside the examination hall while an examination is going on, and aiding any act of examination malpractices.
  • A Signal jammer should be effective enough to restrict and block any other form of signals from outside the examination centres.

How to Apply for Jamb CBT Accreditation Centre:

  • Interested applicants are to go to the jamb CBT centre registration portal provided below

Go to Jamb CBT Centre Now!!!

  • Fill in every detail required in the spaces provided.
  • After completing filling out the form, click on the “REGISTER” button to complete your application.
  • The next step after submission is for you to wait for the response from Jamb

How Long Does The Accreditation of a CBT Centre Take?

This is not specified in the jamb registration portal, but the board will surely get back to you once your application has been reviewed and you are qualified.

How Long Does the Jamb CBT Centre Accreditation Last?

The CBT centres are reviewed every year, existing CBT centres will also be inspected for adherence to the rules and regulations laid down by the examination board before they will be allowed to continue using their accredited centres.

How much will I Need to Own a CBT Centre?

The capital investment to establish a jamb CBT centre cannot be specified as this may vary for different business owners. However, owning one surely involves huge capital because of the machines and other tools that need to be put in place to secure accreditation. The capital investment must surely run into millions of naira.

How Lucrative is a CBT Centre Establishment?

Look no further, you ain’t losing a penny if you invest into this, with proper management, owning a CBT centre is a very lucrative investment as you will be amused with the turn-out in the long run.


Above is the list of requirements to register for a jamb CBT centre. You are most likely to have your proposed CBT centre approved in your first trial if these measures and requirements are met. Do you need help? Talk to us below in the comment section.


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