JAMB Literature Past Questions and Answers 2023/2024 & Today CBT Expo

By | March 14, 2023

JAMB Literature Past Questions and Answers 2023/2024 & Today CBT Expo.



Here is a free and complete JAMB Literature questions and answers 2023/2024 with free JAMB literature in English practice test. in Literature Questions and Answers for JAMB 2022/2023

Literature Questions and Answers for JAMB 2022/2023


Below are sample but not actual Literature in English JAMB Questions and Answers for JAMB 2022/2023 for  preparation purposes alone.

  1. The repetition of sentences using the same structure is known as____?
  1. Repetition Sentence
  2. Parallel Structure
  3. Parallax Sentence
  4. Sentence Klux

The correct answer is Parallel Structure (Option B)

  1. The literature device that uses consonant sounds at the beginning of a word to give stress to its syllable is known as______?
  1. Primary Stress
  2. Alliteration
  3. Alternation
  4. Syllabi

The correct answer is Alliteration (Option B)

  1. A serious play in literature that ends sad_____ is called?
  1. Sad Story
  2. Comic-tragedy
  3. Tragedy
  4. Comedy
  5. Pantomime

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The correct answer is tragedy (Option C)


  1. Which of the following terms best describe a situation where a writer writes a novel that will be published under the name of another person who is not the author?
  1. Expository Writing
  2. Descriptive Writing
  3. Persuasive Writing
  4. Ghostwriting

The correct answer is Ghostwriting (Option D)

  1. A statement in literature that can contain more than one meanings is known as_____?

  1. Ambiguity
  2. Parallel Structure
  3. Rigid statement
  4. Clause

The correct answer is Ambiguity (Option A)

  1. What was the name of Shakespeare’s mother before her marriage?
  1. Mary Shakespeare
  2. Mary Arden
  3. Mary Adams
  4. Mary Clinton

The correct answer is Mary Arden (Option B)

  1. A name given to an emotional content of a word is____?
  1. Connotation
  2. Depletion
  3. Colocation
  4. Emotionality

The correct answer is Connotation (Option A)


  1. The dictionary definition of a word is known as___?
  1. Synonyms
  2. Antonyms
  3. Connotation
  4. Denotation

The correct answer is Denotation (Option D)

  1. In which figure of speech is the result of an action the reverse of what the actor expected?

  1. Dramatic Irony
  2. Tragedy
  3. Apostrophe
  4. Situational Irony

The correct answer is Situational Irony (Option D)

  1. Which of the following is not one of the Shakespeare’s four greatest tragedies?

  1. Macbeth
  2. King Lear
  3. Bird of Paradise
  4. Hamlet
  5. Othello

The correct answer is Bird of Paradise (Option C)

Possible JAMB literature Questions and Answers 2022

To help candidates further, we have added the following possible JAMB literature Questions and Answers 2022/2023 for more practice.

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  1. The situation in a drama, in which the audience know something that the characters in the drama do not is known as?
  1. Suspense
  2. Bildungsroman
  3. Apostrophe
  4. Dramatic Irony

The correct answer is Dramatic Irony

  1. Who authored the book “The Origin Of Species”?

  1. Darwin
  2. Williams Shakespeare
  3. Williams Hilton
  4. Mark Robinson

The correct answer is Darwin

Instruction: Read the sentence below and answer the question that follows;

  1. The figure of speech used in the statement below is _______?

“The boy fought and defeated millions of soldiers”

  1. Personification
  2. Metaphor
  3. Oxymoron
  4. Sarcasm
  5. Hyperbole

The correct answer is Hyperbole

  1. The Bhagavad Gita is regarded as a sacred text in which religion?

  1. Atheism
  2. Hinduism
  3. Islamic
  4. Judaism

The correct answer is Hinduism

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  1. A technique where you say something which is polite but indirectly an insult or rude is called____?

  1. Hyperbole
  2. Euphony
  3. Banter
  4. Paradox
  5. Innuendo

The correct answer is Innuendo.

  1. William Shakespeare wrote a total number of ____ sonnets.
  1. 64
  2. 154
  3. 123
  4. 99

The correct answer is 154.


  1. Who is the author of “Three Men in a Boat”?
  • Jerome K Jerome.
  • Williams Shakespeare
  • Charles Dickens
  • James Joyce

The correct answer is Jerome K Jerome.

  1. Which Shakespeare’s play has no song?

  1. Othello
  2. Macbeth
  3. King Lear
  4. The Comedy Of Errors
  5. Hamlet

The correct answer is The Comedy Of Errors.

  1. The word ‘Quark’ is a popular term that was borrowed from the book written by _____?

  1. Jerome K Jerome.
  2. James Joyce
  3. Williams Shakespeare
  4. Charles Dickens

Answer: James Joyce.

  1. Who was the first novelist to have his works serialized?
  1. Williams Hilton
  2. Mark Robinson
  3. Williams Shakespeare
  4. Charles Dickens

Answer: Charles Dickens.


  1. There’s only one Shakespeare’s play that contains the name of an animal. What is the name of that animal is_____?
  1. Shrew
  2. Leopard
  3. Cheetah
  4. Owl

Answer: Shrew.

  1. ______ is a literary device which repeats a speech sound in a sequence of words which are close to each other.

  1. Alliteration
  2. Apostrophe
  3. Situational Irony
  4. Connotation

The correct answer is Alliteration

Note: JAMB candidates are advised not to rely or hope on JAMB Literature expo, but should practice some of the JAMB literature questions and answers 2022/2023 above.

You should also make sure you read all the JAMB literature recommended novel/text and also make use of the literature syllabus and recommended textbooks.

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