How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal Login 2023 and Reject/Accept Admission

By | November 12, 2023

How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS Portal Login 2023 and Reject/Accept Admission Follow these steps below to check your admission status on the CAPS online portal:

Why is my admission status showing not admitted?
Perhaps, you saw NOT ADMITTED as your admission status. It simply means that you have not been offered provisional admission at your institution of choice
  1. Go to and enter your registered email address and password to log in and access your CAPS dashboard.
  2. Click on the ‘Check admission status’ link.
  3. Click on ‘Access my CAPS
  4. Now, click on ‘Admission Status’ to see if you have been offered admission.
  5. Upon being admitted, you will receive a response with your Photo Image displayed and a message congratulating you on your Admission offer, otherwise, you will receive a text message saying “Sorry, no Admission offer has given made yet.
  6. The next step for you is to ACCEPT or REJECT the admission offer if you have received any at all. 

How to ACCEPT or REJECT Admission on JAMB Caps Login Portal

  • Go to and login with your registered email address and password to access your dashboard
  • After Successful login, locate the “Admission Tab” on the left-hand side of the page, click on it to reveal the drop-down menu which contains the “Check Admission Status Button. “
How to ACCEPT or REJECT Admission on JAMB Caps Login Portal
  • Click on the Check Admission Status Button under the Admission Tab button.
  • Select your Examination Year from the Drop-Down and provide your JAMB Registration Number in the column required
  • Click on the “Check Admission Status Button” and wait for your admission status to be displayed.
  • If you have been admitted you will get a response with your Photo Image being displayed and a text Congratulating you on your admission offer, but if you are not offered any admission yet you will get a text response with “Sorry No Admission has been Given Yet “.
  • If you have been offered admission, you can proceed to ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Keep in mind that you may not see the option to check your JAMB CAPS admission status if you use a smartphone. The welcome message is what most phone users see. The CAPS page displays the welcome message since you have to view the entire website in the desktop version.

How to Change Password on JAMB CAPS Portal

Have you forgotten your JAMB Portal e-facility password? However, you can quickly recover it following the step-by-step guideline below right now.

  • Go to the Jamb e-facility portal at
  • Click “here” to reset your password
  • Enter your email address and submit
  • You will receive a mail with a link to reset your password.

How to Upload O’Level Result on JAMB Portal

To start with, follow the guideline below for uploading your O’level result on the JAMB profile.

  1.  Log-in to your JAMB profile (
  2. Click on the icon ‘Check Admission Status,
  3. Now, click on the icon ‘Access my CAPS’
  4. Click on ‘My O’level result for confirmation of your result upload.
How do I reject an admission?
Saying No
  1. Some schools may have specific instructions for how to decline admission. These can include sending an email to an admissions representative or filling out a form online. …
  2. If you can’t find any explicit instructions, be sure to respond anyway; it benefits both you and the school to be as clear as possible.
How can I accept JAMB admission without Email?
Here is the procedure to check admission status without email;
  1. Open the SMS app on your phone.
  2. Type 55019 or 66019 as the SMS recipient.
  3. Enter Status + Exam year as your message. Example STATUS 2025.
  4. Click on the Send SMS button.
  5. You will receive your admission status via SMS.
What is the next step after accepting admission on caps?
After offering you admission, schools usually ask you to pay the acceptance fee. Then you’re required to come to school (at a later date or immediately) to present all your credentials for screening and documentation.
Why has JAMB not given me admission but school has?
Why is my JAMB admission status blank?
That shows the admission process has begun for you. These status messages will keep changing until you’re finally offered admission or otherwise. There is no need to panic if the space for your institution is empty or blank. It will appear in due course unless no school will offer you admission eventually.
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