Download Now AUO Past Questions And Answers 2021

By | April 10, 2023

Download Now AUO Past Questions And Answers,Post utme past questions and answers pdf  is here and start reading Now. we will help you to know the nature of the examination before the exam day is approaching,auo post utme past questions and answers is now below link for AUO past questions for post utme.

Download Now AUO Past Questions And Answers 2021

Below AUO  past questions And Answers  are view


Apply Achievers University Direct Entry past questions

Section B (Biology) Attempt All Question. Time: 30 Minutes

1. In bird, the’ following feathers possess after shaft

a. Quill and filoplumes
b. Down and filoplumes
c. Covert and down
d. Quill and covert

2. The nutritive layer of the eye in mammals is……………

a. refracting media
b. conjunctiva
d. Sciara

3. Ultra fit ratio in the Kidney takes place in the

a. Bowman’s Capsule
b. Pelvis
c. Loop of Henle
d. Proximal Convulatrfd Tubule

4. Which of the following bones is not a component of the fore limb?
a. Olearanon

b. Ulna

c. Tilia

d. Humerus

5. The condition in which the anthers mature before the stigma is called………….
a. protandry

b. Epigyny

c. Hypogyny

d. protogyny

6. In most true ferns, sporangia are grouped into……..

a. indusium

b. fronds
c. son

d. Prothalls

7. The ration of carriers to sucklers in the F2 generation derived from a parental
cross at two carriers of heamoglobins S gene is

a. 3:1

b. 1:3

c. 2:1

d.l : 2

So you ,

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