Crk Past Questions And Answers For JAMB

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Crk Past Questions And Answers For JAMB

Crk Past Questions And Answers For JAMB, UTME Past questions and Answers,CRK,Christian Religious Knowledge (C.R.Kquestions and answers. You will see here, JAMB C.R.K repeated past questions. Relax and go through them.

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Questions like

(1)  Which of the following people was one of the outstanding kings of Israel after the falling of the Kingdom?

  • A. King herold
  • B. Pharoah
  • C. Sennacherib
  • D. Jeroboam
  • E. Tiglath-Pileser
Correct Answer: Option D
Explanation 2022/2023 out on JAMB CAPS

The house of Israel was divided into two kingdoms. This division took place after the death of Solomon and during the reign of his son, Rehoboam, and it happened as the people revolted against the heavy taxes levied by Solomon and Rehoboam.

Jeroboam was the most outstanding king after the split and was made the king of Jerusalem while Rehoboam was made king of Judah

Ref: Genesis, 1 Kings 2:10, 1 Kings 14:1-30

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2)Abraham is portrayed in the bible as

  • A. The miracle worker
  • B. The lion of Judah
  • C. The giver of the laws
  • D. The father of the faithful
  • E. The almighty prophet of Jehova


Moses led the children of Israel through the
  • A. Sahara desert
  • B. Lion’s Den
  • C. Dead sea
  • D. valley of the shadow of death
  • E. Red sea

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6. When Joseph’s brother came to him in Egypt, he said to them, ‘You are…’
A. spies

B. robbers

C. traitors
D. sinners

E. war-mongers

7. Sarah gave birth to…in her old age.
A. Joseph

B. Isaac

C. Jacob
D. Simeon

E. Benjamin

8. As a condition ofhis covenant withGod,Abraham had to
A. circumcise everymale
B. sacrifice to God everymonth
C. keep the Sabbath
D. pray to God daily
E. recite the Shema.

9. What was the condition of the earth before the creation of the world?
A. The earth was without form and void.
B. There was a firmament above the earth.
C. Light infrequently penetrated the earth.
D. The heaven was very close to the earth.
E. The earth was inhabited by angels and spirits.

10. God wanted to destroy the world because
A. Adam and Eve disobeyed him.
B. Cain killedAbel his brother.
C. the sons of God were taking the daughters of men as wives.
D. the people made a tower of Babel to get to heaven.
E. the earth was filled with violence.

11. Who said this, ‘there shall be neither dewnor rain these years except bymy word?’
A. Elisha

B. Ezekiel

C. Elijah
D. Obadiah

E. Nehemiah

12. In the case before Solomon over the dead and the living child, the mother of the dead child supported
A. giving the living child to her opponent.
B. killing the living child
C. joint ownership of the loving child.
D. king Solomon having the living child.
E. state ownership of the living child.

13. BeforeMoses died, God appointed … to succeed him.
A. Joshua

B. Aaron
C. Eleazar

D. Balaam

E. Manasseh

14. The treatment for those bitten by the fiery serpent was to
A. drink fromthe Red Sea
B. look at the bronze serpent
C. fast for seven days
D. call upon the Lord
E. repent

15. In order that Benjamin might be brought to Egypt, Joseph detained
A. Reuben

B. Levi

C. Judah

Remember that JAMB Christian Religious Knowledge comprises 50 objectives (multiple-choice) questions derive from O’Level C.R.K Syllabus. You can see the areas of concentration and topics to read in the JAMB Syllabus. The exam is 100% computer-based. Candidates are expected to answer the 50 questions within 45 minutes.

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