Allow polytechnics to award degrees, masters, doctorates – ASUP to FG

By | October 15, 2023

Mr Anderson Ezeibe, the National President of the Academic Staff Union of Polytechnics (ASUP), has urged the Federal Government to empower polytechnics to award bachelors of technology to end the Bachelor of Science and Higher National Diploma (HND) dichotomy.

Do polytechnics award degrees?
Already, some polytechnics are awarding degrees, though in affiliation with universities. They do so with their manpower and infrastructure and are accredited by the commission responsible for regulation of degree programmes in the country.
Can a degree holder lecture in polytechnic?
First degree, master’s, or professional qualifications like MBA are common qualifications of lecturers in our polytechnics. We can make the HND better and more competitive.
Can a master degree holder be a lecturer?
Career Progression

While you work towards your own educational goals, you can start lecturing as an entry-level lecturer. Here’s a look at the progression: Entry-level: You have your master’s and can start teaching, but may still be pursuing your PhD. Lecturer: Your PhD is complete and your class sizes may.
What is the awarding body for polytechnic in Nigeria?
The National Board for Technical Education, otherwise known as NBTE, is a board of education which supervises, regulates and oversees educational programmes offered by technical institutions at secondary, polytechnic and monotechnic levels through an accreditation process.
What is a good GPA in polytechnic?
For some, a good GPA would be a 4.0, while others might consider a 3.5 to be good.
What is the CGPA system in polytechnic?
The CGPA is the cumulative Grade Point Average of all the courses you registered for in the university/polytechnic. It can be said differently as the total grade points divided by the total units of the courses registered. First Semester OND1: GPA = Total points/Total Credit Units = 44.00/15 = 2.9.
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